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Map data
for self-hosting

Ready-to-use open geospatial map data, processed and packaged for your next on-premises project. Available as vector/raster tiles and in GIS formats.

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various map styles for download and self-hosting: street map, contour lines, hillshade, satellite map, and 3D maps
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Self-hosting solution

Do you need maps in your secure application? Or even completely offline? MapTiler Data packages are the right solution for you.

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OpenStreetMap basemaps

Map package with a regularly updated global dataset. It contains street data with more than 7 billion objects.

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Street Map image with 3D buildings and rich information
detailed and beautiful satellite and high-resolution image of the entire world

Satellite & orthophoto on-prem

Global seamless satellite and aerial imagery with a resolution locally up to 8cm per pixel.

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Terrain data for self-hosting

Ready-to-use Terrain RGB for DEM, Quantized Mesh for 3D Cesium JS, Hillshade, and Contour lines of the entire world with a resolution of 30x30 meters.

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global tophographic maps
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Ready-to-use detailed boundaries of administrative divisions and postal areas.

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Tileset containing real-estate cadastre information.

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Maps for outdoor sports like hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, and related activities.

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MapTiler Planet

Quality control & premium open data.

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Have you heard about
MapTiler Cloud?

If simplicity, possibility to customize the map or easy access to all the datasets is more important to you than data privacy, MapTiler Cloud is the product for you.

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MapTiler Cloud MapTiler Data


Hosting service providing online digital maps

Ready-to-use geographic data for self-host


Based on the
actual map traffic

Based on the type of your use-case and its scale


No spy code, no cookies on HTML responses

Maps from server behind firewall, on-prem or offline


Online ready-to-use API with no additional software needed

Download map data and set up MapTiler Server

Read the article to find out more about MapTiler Cloud vs MapTiler Data

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